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May 5, 2012

North Wales Carer Allegedly Assaulted Dementia Sufferer, 87 (UK)

 by David Powell, DPW West
May 4 2012
A CARE assistant twisted the arm of an 87-year-old dementia sufferer behind his back until he cried out in pain, a court heard.
Frail OAP Harold Prince emerged with three care assistants from a nursing home toilet red faced, crying, and saying his arm was hurting, it was alleged at Llandudno magistrates.
The pensioner was left with a seven centimetre by five centimetre bruise on his left forearm.
Defendant Balazs Moldovan, 41, of Victoria Park, Colwyn Bay, denies assaulting Mr Prince at Pembroke Lodge nursing home for Elderly and Mentally Infirm residents in Pwllycrochan Avenue in Colwyn Bay, last September 3.
Prosecutor Karen Mullin told the court that Mr Prince had soiled himself that Saturday lunchtime.
One carer, Philipose Palathimtial , said he and another male carer took the pensioner into a toilet beside a dining room but struggled to change Mr Prince’s “pad” because he was “aggressive”.
Mr Palathimtial, who had a Malay interpreter in court, said he called on Moldovan to help them in the five feet by six feet room. Mr Palathimtial said he faced Mr Prince, held his right hand while Moldovan “held Mr Prince’s left hand behind Mr Prince’s back for one to two minutes”.
Under cross examination, defence solicitor Peter Butler asked Mr Palathimtial: “Initially Mr Prince went ‘Ow’ but then there was no problem?’ ”
Mr Palathimtial agreed.
Another carer Jaizy Matthew, who also had a Malay interpreter, said she saw three three carers leave the toilet.
She said: “Harold Prince was crying, his face was red and he was rubbing his arm. He was pointing at Blaze (the defendant Balazs)”.
The court heard Mr Prince later approached Julie Hunter, who works as a Pembroke Lodge cook and carer.
She told the court: “I have never seen anyone cry so much in my life for a grown man. He was crying like a baby. I asked him what was wrong and he put his right hand onto his left hand and put it up his back, then turned round and pointed at Blaze.”
Mrs Hunter said Moldovan “shrugged his shoulders” and joined his duty manager Anjelica Moldovan, who was also his wife. No incident was noted in records.
Registered manager Elaine Coulton spotted the bruising and after a preliminary investigation suspended Balazs Moldovan and called police.
Home Office pathologist Dr Brian Rodgers said the pensioner had a 7x5 cm bruise on his left forearm which could have been caused by being gripped.
But one of the other carers admitted in cross examination that Mr Prince had been kicking out, violent, aggressive and spitting. Moldovan claimed the prosecution evidence was a conspiracy from three Indian workers worried about losing their visas.
The trial continues.

SOURCE:      The Daily Post, UK

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Any Charges Reported on this blog are Merely Accusations and the Defendants are Presumed Innocent Unless and Until Proven Guilty.

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