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April 30, 2010

Grant Will Allow Creation Of Elder Abuse Coalition in Lee County (USA)

April 28, 2010

The Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center plans to establish an elder abuse coalition in Lee County thanks to a national grant.
The grant was awarded by the National Center on Elder Abuse, National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse.
The Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center is developing a plan to start initiatives for the coalition. Law enforcement agencies and human service providers are slated to participate.
Lee Elder Abuse Prevention Partnership aims to promote awareness of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older adults and provide services, advocacy, and support.
About 24 percent of Lee residents are 65 or older, the center says.

The Dubin office is at 10051 McGregor Boulevard, Suite 101, in Ft. Myers. For information, call 437-3007.

SOURCE:    NewsPress.Com

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Charged With Stealing From Dying Man (TAS. AUSTRALIA)

29 Apr, 2010

A LAUNCESTON accountant has been charged with stealing more than $330,000 from a dying client.
The man, who cannot be identified before his June court appearance, faces 45 counts of stealing, allegedly committed between September 2005 and October 2008.
The charges, laid yesterday morning, marked the conclusion of a complex, long- term investigation by Tasmania Police's Launceston criminal investigation branch.
Detectives allege that the accountant's deception began within weeks of him being granted power of attorney over his client's considerable funds upon the elderly man entering a nursing facility.
"He then used his client's own cheque book to misappropriate those funds on 45 separate occasions," Detective Senior Constable Darren Turner alleged yesterday.
The cheques were written in amounts varying between $1000 and $20,000 and were deposited into various accounts, allegedly either belonging to or accessible by the accountant.
The alleged large-scale deception escaped detection until the client's death in February last year.
"The executors of the will notified his sole beneficiary of the details of the estate - at which point it became apparent that a significant amount of money was missing," Detective Senior Constable Turner said.
"Police were notified at that point and the investigation began."

SOURCE:    The Examiner.Com.Au


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April 29, 2010

Abuse of Elderly Immigrants (CANADA)

Immigrant senior experience mental, physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse at the hand of their family members, a Wellesley Institute study shows.
By Pracheer Saran

Community workers in the GTA have expressed concerns over abuse elderly immigrants by their own family members, reacting to a report released by Wellesley Institute on April 26.
The study, conducted among 43 seniors from the Tamil community, reveals senior immigrants have experienced mental, physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse.
The respondents also expressed threat, control and neglect by their children, in-laws and spouses, while stating that they did not report the incidents because of children’s and grandchildren’s welfare, community expectations, unfamiliarity with Canadian ways, financial and immigration concerns, and limitations in accessing health, social, and settlement services. 

Maya Roy, executive director of Newcomer Women’s Services said senior immigrants are not aware of the term elder abuse: “The issue only comes up in a group when people meet in class, get to know each other and start talking.”

According to Teri Kay of the Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, there are no  clear statistics to gauge the extent of the problem but about 4 and 10 per cent of seniors have experienced abuse. “The issue is just beginning to come out of the closet.  For immigrant seniors, the cultural differences add to the mix of language barrier and other issues to access help, " said Kay.

Immigrant agencies urge frontline workers, friends and neighbours of senior to be vigilant. The government has also started campaigns through various ethnic communities-serving media outlets to create awareness on the issue.
The network has launched a 154-language senior safety phone line in April 2009 and received 4,500 calls in its first year. 

SOURCE:     CanadianImmigration.CA


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2010 Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging (USA)

Make plans to attend the 2010 Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging on Wednesday, April 28, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
The theme for the conference is Financial Abuse and Exploitation: Prevention Strategies and Tools. The conference will be held at The Ranch near Loveland, Colo. in the McKee Building at 5280 Arena Circle.
Specifically designed for care providers and other front line workers or volunteers that have routine contact with older adults, the participants will:
  • Increase knowledge to reduce financial abuse and exploitation
  • Gain understanding of the challenges and complexities of financial abuse and exploitation
  • Become aware of signs of financial abuse and exploitation
  • Acquire strategies and tools for prevention and intervention related to financial abuse and exploitation of older adultss

Laura Mosqueda, M.D., University of California, Irvine School of Medicine
Dr. Mosqueda will present "Elder Mistreatment - Issues and Solutions." She'll  set the stage regarding current statistics and research regarding elder abuse. Learn more about the physical, emotional, cognitive issues related to older adult vulnerability.

Tammi Vacha-Haase, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Department of Psychology
Vacha-Haase will present "Taking the Next Step - Putting Today Into Practice."  Vacha-Haase will provide concrete ideas on how to implement conference information, resources and tools, overcome challenges, and be proactive to reduce financial abuse and exploitation of older adults.
This conference is presented by Colorado State University Extension, Colorado State University College of Applied Human Sciences Center on Aging, and University of Northern Colorado College of Natural and Health Sciences Gerontology Program.

SOURCE:     Events.ColoState.Edu


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Elderly, Banks Come Together To Squash Scams (USA)

APRIL 28, 2010

Senior citizens Tuesday learned how to protect themselves from scams while area financial institutions got some lessons in avoiding becoming victims themselves.
The classroom for those lessons came in the form of the annual Safe Bank program conducted at the Ross County Service Center.
Among the topics covered by area law enforcement and prosecutors included how to react in the event of a robbery, types of scams normally targeting seniors and what a person should do if they suspect and elderly person has been the victim of financial exploitation.
Ross County Prosecutor Michael Ater said banks can play a large role in the prevention of elderly financial exploitation by simply being aware of noticeable changes within a regular customer.
Ater said banks are not mandated to report suspected elder financial exploitation to authorities. There are reasons, however, why banks should take the initiative and report their suspicions to authorities.
"Many people who lose their money in these situations don't have the ability to replace it," Ater said. "They have spent their entire life earning and saving, and they simply can't recover it."
Ater said banks also should consider the impact on a person going through such a situation.
"This is a blow to their self-esteem. This is a person who has succeeded their whole life, and later, they get taken advantage of," he said.
Things bank employees should watch for as possible tips to elderly scams among regular customers include:

  A new associate at the bank with the customer.
  Changes in regular banking habits, such as suddenly being there waiting for the bank's doors to open.
  A sudden increased frequency in banking.
  A sudden increase in the number of banking transactions, including cash withdrawals and transfers from savings to checking accounts.
  The same payee showing up repeatedly on checks.

SOURCE:     ChilliCoTheGazette


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April 26, 2010

Daughter Accused of Bilking Elderly Woman (USA)

Daughter accused of bilking elderly Milwaukie woman of $224,000

By Rick Bella, The Oregonian

March 26, 2010

A La Pine woman has been charged with bilking her elderly mother out of more than $224,000 over a five-month period, leaving the Milwaukie woman destitute.

Janet Gay Durkee, 61, is being held at the Clackamas County Jail on felony charges of first-degree aggravated theft and first-degree criminal mistreatment. Bail is set at $40,000.

Officer Ulli Neitch, Milwaukie police spokeswoman, said officers received a tip in September from the Oregon Department of Human Services that something seemed amiss with the finances of 85-year-old Geneva E. Smith of Milwaukie. She said detectives learned that Durkee, formerly a state-certified nursing assistant, moved from La Pine to live with her mother in Milwaukie after she suffered serious injuries in a fall and no longer was able to care for herself. After a few months, Durkee moved Smith into an assisted-living center, then moved back to La Pine.

During their investigation, police concluded that Durkee had cleaned out her mother's assets.

"It was discovered the elderly victim had been bilked out of her life's savings -- and a large sum of property," Neitch said.

Durkee was arrested Thursday at the Clackamas County Courthouse, where she was involved in a civil lawsuit.

"Not only as a police agency, but also as a community, we have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of people most vulnerable to financial exploitation, and other abuses," Neitch said.

During its 2009 session, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2442, which established broader mandatory reporting requirements in cases of possible elder abuse or exploitation of disabled adults. More information on House Bill 2442-B can be found on the Oregon State 
web site.



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April 23, 2010

Start Caring For Seniors Now (BRUNEI)

35,000 Elderly In 15 Years, Start Caring For Seniors Now
Written by Azaraimy HH
18 April 2010
Bandar Seri Begawan - Senior citizens above the age of 60 are expected to reach the 35,000 mark by 2025 in Brunei Darussalam," the Deputy Pension Controller (DPS) at the Community Development Department (CDD) said.
She said this during the launching ceremony of the third phase of the 'Home Care for the Elderly Project' at the Tutong Community Hall yesterday, which is a volunteer project where volunteers are assigned to care for the elderly.
DPS Rostinah bte Pehin Orang Kaya Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Tahir said it is a sad situation when some people lack the humanity and send their parents to old nursing homes because they are too busy focusing on their careers.
"Due to their busy schedules and demanding careers, some have also resorted in leaving their elderly parents to spend time at their own private home," she said.
"These kinds of scenarios we often hear from the developing countries but Brunei will be no exception if society does not tackle the matter", DPS Rostinah said.
According to her, the project was introduced in the Asean countries by HELPAGE Korea.

SOURCE:     BruDirect.Com


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Forest Grove Case Most Recent Example of Problem of Elder Abuse (OR. USA)

Forest Grove case most recent example of problem of elder abuse
By Rebecca Woolington, The Oregonian
April 22, 2010

When it comes to the exploitation of the elderly, authorities say the recent arrest of a Forest Grove man accused of stealing $50,000 from an elderly man with dementia is all too common.

Shawn Michael Vilhauer, 44, a former Forest Grove School Board member, was indicted earlier this month with two counts of first-degree aggravated theft and one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment, according to court records. Vilhauer, who declined to comment on the charges, has a court appearance scheduled for Monday. 

The case is one example of an ongoing problem of elder abuse in Washington County, say authorities, who urge people who suspect abuse to take advantage of the county's available resources. 

The countywide Elder Safe Program contacts victims after they report a crime to law enforcement and provides them with information on resources available to help them through the criminal justice system. The program, which was formed in 2001, is based out of the Washington County Sheriff's Office and assists elderly victims, regardless of whether their case is prosecuted. 

The program provides victims with emotional support, guidance through the criminal justice system and information about social services, said, Marcia Langer, Elder Safe's senior program coordinator. Last year, the program provided services to about 1,000 seniors, Langer said. 

The most common type of abuse, authorities say, is financial exploitation, and typically involves a family member or caregiver as the perpetrator. 

Authorities say fewer than 20 percent of elder abuse cases are reported. To confidentially report a suspected case of elder abuse or neglect, call the Washington County Department of Disability, Aging and Veteran Services at 503-640-3489. For more information about elder abuse or to arrange for an Elder Safe speaker at a community event, call Elder Safe at 503-846-6048. 

SOURCE:     The Oregon Live


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Man Indicted On Elder Abuse Charges Arrested (USA)

By Greg Sherman
CBS 7 News
April 21, 2010

A Big Spring man indicted in the 2007 elderly abuse case at a nursing home, has been arrested.

25 year old Bryson Vanderbilt was picked up by the Howard County Sheriff's Office on charges relating to that abuse.

Vanderbilt and an Andrews woman were indicted last month by a grand jury after a lengthy investigation into abuse at the Lamun-Luske-Sanchez Retirement Home.

They were accused of abusing and mistreating patients at the home before being fired in 2007.

We told you earlier this month some of the victim's families are not upset at the home and still have high regards for the home.


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April 20, 2010

High-Pressure Salesmen and the Law (MN. USA)

Before she knew it, bed was signed, sealed, delivered
Transaction shows limits of state law aimed at giving customers a chance to change their minds about major purchases.

By Lora Pabst, Star Tribune
April 19, 2010

Several days after Joanne Manlove suffered through a two-hour visit from an insistent bed salesman, a $3,000 adjustable bed showed up at her apartment in an Eden Prairie assisted-living facility in January.
Her son tried to return it, but the bed company said it was too late because she accepted delivery and the state's three-day period for cancelling such a purchase had expired.
After Manlove's son recently complained to the state attorney general's office, Contour Adjustable Beds agreed to cancel the deal without admitting to doing anything wrong.
Elder advocates said the episode illustrates the weakness of a state law aimed at protecting people from being exploited when faced with high-pressure sales pitches in their own homes. As it stands, the three-day cancellation window could expire before a product is even delivered.

Ben Wogsland, spokesman for the state attorney general's office, said Minnesota laws provide more time to cancel other types of purchases, including life insurance and travel club memberships. And in North Dakota, state law gives senior citizens 15 days to cancel a purchase made at home.
"We would definitely be in support of extending the cooling-off period, not just to seniors, but to other consumers as well," Wogsland said.

Preying on the elderly?
Manlove, 83, was recovering from a broken ankle and other health problems in January when she got a flier advertising a chance to win a free adjustable bed. A few days after entering the contest, a salesman knocked at her door.
For two hours, the rep explained the health benefits of various motorized beds. Each time she asked the price, he put her off. Finally, he told her the bed would cost her $3,500. When she balked at the price, he offered her a $500 discount.
"I told him all along, I wasn't ready to buy a bed, that I was just doing some research and I had to talk to my son before I made any decisions," Manlove said.
When she realized the salesman was prepared to talk right through the facility's dinner hour, she tried to find a polite way to get him out the door. But she said he wouldn't leave until she signed some papers.
"He said, 'If you decide not to take it, I'll just tear them up,'" she said.

SOURCE:    The Star Tribune

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April 16, 2010

Election Promises And Adult Protection (UK)

15 April 2010
 By  Gary FitzGerald
Well, the General Election is finally starting to roll onto fairly safe territory with the publication of a manifesto by each of the three main Westminster political parties. Of course these documents don't really mean a great deal in the long term in that they are often ignored once the Election is finally over, but they usually provide material for the battle ground over which the Election is fought. And they usually give some insight into what the leading politicans consider to be the primary issues of the day.

Which means we can be fairly sure that the safeguarding and protection of older people and other adults at risk of abuse scores a huge zero on the political interest charts. And we can also be pretty sure that adequate funding of social care and the provision of quality and safety within the personalisation agenda is also a non-runner.

There is no doubt that the next Parliament will need to reach concensus on how the long term care of older people is funded. And there is also no doubt that we need to see care and health provision more reflective of individual choice and control. But the devil has been in the detail for too long, and there have been too many 'special interests' able to ride rough-shod over the implications of both these issues at the expense of very vulnerable people. Martin Green, from the English Community Care Association, put it very succinctly in a news release yesterday when he said,  

“Yet again, social care has been relegated to the margins within party manifestos. It is interesting to note that good quality social care is equally important as education as a foundation for economic recovery and social renewal, but politicians are obsessed with one and tend to ignore the other. At a time when the debate has to centre on the budget, we need an approach to social care that recognises its economic and social importance for a civilised society. We need politicians to do what we expect of them, which is to lead the agenda and deliver tangible benefits, rather than endless discussion.



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April 15, 2010

Genesse County Sheriff Finds Another Case of Elder Abuse (CA. USA)

April 14, 2010

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell is calling it another case of elder abuse as three adults have been removed from a home in Flint.
The sheriff says those people are being treated at an area hospital. This all took place late Wednesday afternoon in the 3800 Block of Fleming on the city's north side.
One person was taken into custody. He's being held in the Genesee County Jail.
He's 23-years-old, according to Pickell, and the grandson of Mary Chapman, a woman who is no stranger to these types of allegations.
The man arrested is likely also the son of the Chapman's daughter, who was running a Beard Street facility where one elderly woman died and two other elderly adults were removed last month.
Pickell says they will seek elder abuse related charges against him. The sheriff and his team of investigators say the home is not licensed to be an adult foster care facility.
The three women inside, ages 55, 58 and 67, are receiving treatment, according to the sheriff.
They looked to be in good physical condition but investigators believe at the very least they were not receiving their medications and were often left unattended.
Pickell believes Chapman and the attorney who appears to be the guardian of some of the people involved are the common denominator in this case and the Beard Street case as well.

(Copyright ©2010 WJRT-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)



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April 14, 2010

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse - A Heart-Wrenching Story (CANADA)

There are not many, who are prepared to tell their sad stories about elder abuse that affected them or their loved ones. I've just received a email from a visitor, who are brave enough to tell her story. 

If you have a similar case or other news about elder abuse that affected you or your family, please contact me. It is a way to off load your griefs and help to spread Awareness of the 'Crime of the Century' as some may put it. 


Here is that story:

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010

My Mother was Cecilia Elizabeth Argue, Baroness Wesselenyi. She had a stroke at age 77 and we nursed her at home for 3 years until my father had a heart attack. We then placed her in Versa Care , 180 Scott Street St. Catharines Ontario. She was there for 2 years 5 months, my Dad visiting her every day all that time. We brought her home every 3 weeks to be with our family , and also every holiday. In May , three years ago, she sustained 2 broken legs (femurs) at the hands of the staff of Versa Care, they withheld medical treatment and covered it up. My Mom could not speak, so she could not tell us what happened. There was a 9 week police investigation, it was concluded that the injuries happened at the hands of my Mom.... the 3 nursing staff were fired. My Mom spent 13 months in the hospital. Last year Feb 21st 2009 , my Mom passed away, her legs had died and turned black, she went into a coma and passed away. We are in a lawsuit against the Nursing home . If families would sue these nursing homes , the homes would have to change their care, but too many families just walk away to allow them to do this all over again!!! The courts deem our elderly are expendable and also  turn a blind eye on the very people who fought for our country and built our hospitals and schools and deserve better than this at the end of their lives!!!

Lady Denise Robertson, Baroness Wesselenyi ,


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April 13, 2010

Older Americans Act Identifies Three Separate Categories of Elder Abuse (USA)

Older Americans Act Identifies Three Separate Categories of Elder Abuse
April 9, 2010

April 9, 2010

The 1987 Amendment to the Older Americans Act identified three separate categories of elder abuse:
Domestic elder abuse usually takes place in the older adult's home or in the home of the caregiver. The abuser is often a relative, close friend, or paid companion. Institutional abuse refers to abuse that takes place in a residential home (such as a nursing home), foster home, or assisted-living facility. The abuser has a financial or contractual obligation to care for the older adult.
Self-neglect is behavior of an older adult that threatens his or her own health or safety.

Self-neglect is present when an older adult refuses or fails to provide himself or herself with adequate food, water, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene, medication, and safety precautions.
Acts of elder abuse
Elder abuse can include:
Acts of violence, such as hitting, beating, pushing, shoving, shaking, slapping, kicking, pinching, choking, or burning. The inappropriate use of medications or physical restraints, force-feeding, and physical punishment of any kind also are examples of physical abuse.
Forced sexual contact or sexual contact with any person incapable of giving consent. It includes unwanted touching and all types of sexual assault or battery, such as rape, sodomy, coerced nudity, and sexually explicit photography.
Emotional or psychological abuse, such as name-calling, insults, threats, intimidation, humiliation, and harassment. Treating an older person like a baby, giving an older person the "silent treatment," and isolating him or her from family, friends, or regular activities are examples of emotional or psychological abuse.
Neglect, such as failing to provide an older person with food, clothing, personal shelter, or other essentials, such as medical care or medications. Neglect can also include failing to pay nursing home or assisted-living facility costs for an older person if you have a legal responsibility to do so.
Abandonment or desertion of an older person by a person who has the physical or legal responsibility for providing care.

(Well written. Please go to source for full-text)

SOURCE:   California Elder Law Attorney

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Man Arrested In Connection to Elder Abuse Case (Oregon, USA)

Forest Grove man arrested in connection to elder abuse case
April 12, 2010

Forest Grove Police arrested a man in connection to the exploitation of an elderly victim, which included about $50,000 of the victim's money spent on vacations, bathroom remodeling and online adult entertainment, among other things.

Shawn Michael Vilhauer, 44, of Forest Grove, was arrested on charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment and first-degree aggravated theft, which are both felonies, according to police. The arrest came after Vilhauer was indicted on the charges and a five-month investigation, according to police. 

SOURCE:     The Oregon Live

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April 10, 2010

Aged Care Nurses Feeling the Pressure (AUSTRALIA)

By Tamara Glumac
Apr 9, 2010

The aged care sector is grappling with a crisis and those on the front line are speaking out.
Nurses say mistakes are being made and it is only a matter of time before there is a major incident.
The Nursing Federation has highlighted the pressure on the system with a case in which a graduate was left in charge of a nursing home in her first week on the job.
There is now a vicious circle in the industry. Nursing homes are being forced to cut costs. In turn, that is forcing an exodus of staff who have reached breaking point, unable to cope with the increasing pressure.
The ANF says nursing home residents are not getting optimum care and carers are taking on roles they're not properly trained in because there aren't enough nurses.
Some homes have had only one registered nurse in charge of up to 120 residents on a night shift.
In others, enrolled nurses and carers on night shifts can only access a registered nurse over the telephone.
The Federation's Tasmanian secretary Neroli Ellis says nurses are despairing.
"Nurses who are passionate about aged care are leaving because they can't bear the stress any more," she said.

Ageing workforce
There is further concern as the nurses themselves get older. Their average age is 55.
Ms Ellis says once they retire, there are limited replacements in an industry not equipped to take on nursing graduates.
"It's the worst place possible for them...aged care facilities are really down to bare bones so there isn't the clinical support for graduates.''
"Those who do go into it rarely stay.''

I do not think this situation is unique to Australia. Many countries around the world is experiencing similar situation. The government of the day must take on the challenge of providing its aging population, a good standard of Aged Care. It is very well to say that since they took government, " ...we have spent so much on this and so much on that...". Dollars term is helpful, but is deceptive in that, they do not reflect the really solution to the actual problem.

Has the government taken steps to ensure that:

  • the nurses in Aged Care, are well supported with the right level of resources?
  • With the nurses getting older, are there fundings and measures put in place to replace these workers?
  • paramount in any Aged Care situation is - Are those who needed aged care protected against abuses?
  • Has the government got a plan of action to protect seniors who are in their own homes; against elder abuse by friends, carers or relatives?
  • Are there sufficient support adult children who have taken on the caring of their elderly parent(s) at home?
There are many who has retired, but are fortunate enough to still enjoy good health. They often are the unpaid volunteers in the community. Is society and government acknowledging their contributions?

To all politicians -- Seniors happen to be a very strong block of voters. Furthermore, they have long memories about politicians who ignored or refused to acknowledge the growing problems of aged care and have NOT taken decisive steps to correct the situation.



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April 9, 2010

73 Year Old Elder Abused By Being Illegally Restrained For 3 Months (USA)

April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Police filed elder abuse charges against two 38 year old individuals for keeping a 73 year old elder man tied to a bed in their home for nearly three months. The elder was restrained by his ankle and arms, said the police detective investigationg the elder abuse matter. The elder man was fed through a tube and had numerous health problems.

Police investigated the elder abuse claims after receiving a report from Adult Protective Services, says California Elder Abuse Attorney Steven C. Peck who may be contacted toll free at 1.866.999.9085 or on-line at www.premierlegal.org. The abused elder is now living in a long-term care facility thank god.

SOURCE:    California Elder Law Attorney

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Ex-Nursing Home Worker Guilty of Torturing Elderly in California (USA)

April 9, 2010

A former nursing home worker accused of body-slamming one 78-year-old woman and encouraging wheelchair-confined residents of a pricey assisted-living facility to fight was found guilty Thursday of torture and elder abuse.
Jurors deliberated for less than a day before convicting Cesar Ulloa.


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April 4, 2010

Family Members Charged With Neglecting Elderly Uncle (NC. USA)

By Tony Burbeck
Mar. 26, 2010
Family members are charged with abusing, neglecting and injuring a 73-year-old stroke victim by tying his wrists and ankles to a bed.
Investigators say the wounds from the restraints are so bad you can see the man's muscles and ligaments. The man's niece and her husband are charged with the crimes.
The victim is 73-year-old Zettie Albert Murriel. His home is on Morris Street in Gastonia.
Police say for at least three months Murriel had been repeatedly strapped to his bed by his ankles and wrists. Police say the wounds are wide, deep and infected.
"Pretty substantial. It wasn't like fresh. It had been there for a while," said Sgt. Jimmy Arndt with the Gastonia Police Department.
Police say Muriel's niece Christel Carelock and her husband, Rodney, moved in to care for their uncle after his stroke.
"The injuries he sustained was definitely neglect on their part," Arndt said.
The Carelocks are each charged with elderly abuse, neglect and inflicting injuries. Friday, Rodney Carelock answered a reporter's knock at his door but said he couldn't talk.

SOURCE:     The Charlotte Observer


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April 2, 2010

Kidnap, Elder Abuse Charges For Filipino Caregiver (CA. USA)

By Henni Espinosa
April 1, 2010

51-year old Concepcion Giron worked as an assistant administrator at the Elmwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Berkeley, California. But on Monday, Giron was arrested by California Department of Justice agents for allegedly stealing over $50,000 from six of her elderly patients.

Giron reportedly kidnapped an 85-year old Alzheimer’s patient and held her for a year in order to take her social security checks and pension.
California Attorney General Edmund Brown says, “This is a shocking case of nursing home abuse and gross violation of trust.” Brown’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse received a complaint against Giron in 2009 and began investigating her.

Terry McGregor, Executive Vice-President of Elmwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, says an internal audit last year of their facility revealed discrepancies with resident funds.
McGregor says, “As we initiated the investigation, Ms. Giron was immediately suspended and subsequently resigned.” McGregor says they immediately reported the matter to the police and have fully cooperated with the investigation.

Giron faces one count each of kidnapping to commit another crime, false imprisonment and elder abuse, and six counts of theft from elder by a caretaker.

SOURCE:     BalitangAmerica

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Any Charges Reported on this blog are Merely Accusations and the Defendants are Presumed Innocent Unless and Until Proven Guilty.

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