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October 23, 2011

Ex-Teacher Guilty of Elder Fraud (USA)

Record Staff Writer
October 22, 2011

LODI - A former coach at Jim Elliot Christian High School has been convicted of taking more than $250,000 from elderly investors, according to the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office.
Larry Cunningham Kimble, 55, could face between eight to 10 years in prison for his actions from 2007 to 2009, according to Stephen Taylor, deputy district attorney for San Joaquin County. Kimble was found guilty Thursday afternoon after a monthlong jury trial, Taylor said. Kimble's business, MT2Y, LLC, sold light bulbs and health care management programs to investors. Many of his schemes took place in the homes of his victims, Taylor said.
Kimble was convicted of elder abuse, securities fraud and six separate counts of residential burglary, The first-degree burglary charges were pursued by the prosecution because Kimble went into investors' homes with the intent to defraud them, Taylor said.
"What we want everybody to know is that California has special protections for people in their home," Taylor said. "You can't go into a house with the intent to commit evil. It's a burglary. It doesn't matter if you have appointment."
The prosecution's case centered on an elderly couple Kimble met at The Home Church on West Lane, Taylor said.
The wife, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, and her husband, who is legally blind, invested more than $270,000 in the business, according to the prosecution. The money was spent on overseas trips, domestic vacations, Kimble's salary and other expenses, Taylor said.
"I argued the business was a sham from Day 1," he said.
Although a guilty verdict has been returned, Taylor said the people who invested in the business will not recoup their money.
"Unless that money is hidden in an account somewhere, it's gone," he said.
Kimble was taken into custody after Thursday's session and is being held without bail at San Joaquin County Jail.
The basketball coach at Jim Elliot Christian High School from 2003 to 2008 did not testify during the trial.
He was represented by the public defender's office. His attorney, Jennifer Perkins, declined to comment on the verdict and did not say if she would file an appeal.
Kimble is scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on Dec. 12.
Taylor said the case highlights the need to protect seniors who can be vulner-able to scams in their own home.
"People think burglars only break into homes and wear masks," Taylor said. "But they also can ring the doorbell and have iced tea with you."

SOURCE:    The RecordNet


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Any Charges Reported on this blog are Merely Accusations and the Defendants are Presumed Innocent Unless and Until Proven Guilty.

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