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June 23, 2011

Elder Abuse: Recognizing the Signs

Recognizing the signs
Elder abuse
22 June, 2011

It's generally hidden behind closed doors, but there are warning signs.
Elder abuse is more widespread than most of us could ever imagine, and on June 15, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Oxford OPP were raising awareness about the issue.

Warning signs of elder abuse could include unexplainable physical injuries and marked changes in personality.
" By learning to identify the signs, people can detect and report incidents of abuse and neglect among aging members of our community," OPP Const. Monica Cachagee of the crime prevention section said.
Cachagee said seniors experiencing elder abuse may appear socially withdrawn, exhibit changes in attitude or abnormal behaviour, and show signs of poor hygiene or poor nutrition.
Since financial abuse is the most common form of elder abuse, another key warning sign is a senior that may be unable to meet financial obligations.
"If you see any senior members of your community exposed to one or more of these circumstances, help protect them by reporting suspected abuse," Cachagee said. " It's important that everyone be able to talk about elder abuse openly and seniors should feel empowered to talk with caregivers, family members or physicians anytime they feel threatened.
It has been estimated that between four and 10 % of Ontario's seniors experience some type or form of abuse.
In Oxford County, the number works out to be about 4,000 people, ages 55 and older, who may be facing neglect and physical, psychological, financial and even sexual abuse.
Lorna Boratto, a member of the Oxford County elder abuse and neglect committee ( OCEAN), said the committee is marking World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by planting a memorial tree in Tillsonburg that is accompanied by a plaque.
" It's one way to raise awareness," she said. " It's one more way of communicating with people that elder abuse does occur and the need to be aware of that and do whatever we can to decrease the incidence."
A memorial tree, accompanied by an awareness plaque, was also planted in Woodstock last year in a small parkette located at the corner of Huron and Dundas streets.
OCEAN is a joint partnership of 22 community agencies ranging from police services to Crime Stoppers, legal aid and health care and volunteer support agencies

SOURCE:    The TillsonburgNews, CA
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Any Charges Reported on this blog are Merely Accusations and the Defendants are Presumed Innocent Unless and Until Proven Guilty.

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